T is for Towering High

Looks like I only have until tomorrow to finish this challenge. I say, “BRING IT ON!” šŸ˜‰

This post is dedicated to all the buildings I’ve captured using my phone. I’ve been living and working in the city for almost seven years now, and I’ve grown to appreciate these tall buildings everywhere. They’re quite scary, especially when you think of earthquakes (no safe place to hide lol), but for me, they’re also a symbol of strength and success. Let’s face it: with the continuous rise (no pun intended) of condos and city living, these buildings are here to stay.

Enough blab– here are some of my snaps. Don’t expect too much. Hehe.

All of these buildings are located in Makati City šŸ™‚

Happy blogging (and looking up the buildings!)

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