CoW DaDi: Prime Rib At Its Finest

(Wow! It’s my first time to write a blog post using my mobile phone. It’s finally happening! Lol.)


When my boyfriend and I have a hankering for awesome steak dishes, our go-to place is usually Mad Mark’s in Glorietta. But, most of the time, we don’t have enough time and energy to walk from malls to malls, so we don’t get to taste their meaty and savory steak meals as often as we like.

Fortunately, I think we found the nearest alternative: CoW DaDi.


Actually, at first we had no idea that they serve steak meals. We always do “restaurant checks” online (you know, check reviews, read blog posts, see menu and prices) before going to a resto that we want to try, but I guess we missed CoW DaDi’s whole menu (heehee… sorry!). We thought we would only get served beef burgers, but we were pleasantly surprised with their main offering: huge steak cuts.

They serve two kinds of prime rib cuts: CoW Dadi (300g for P250) and CoW Baby (180g for P150). Since it was our first time, we decided to go for the latter. Good thing the staff showed us the sizes of the cuts before cooking them, because it helped us assess which one we’ll get. We also decided to pair our steak orders with their Annatto Pepper Fried Rice (P20) and grilled veggies (tomato, Baguio beans, and eggplant, P20).


When our food came, we were more than delighted. The steak cuts were of enough size to fill our dinner tummies! P150 is a good price— definitely worth it. Our steak cuts were cooked in well-done (mine) and medium rare (his) degrees of doneness, and in fairness, they did it just right. The flavors are very present in every bite, too. The steak’s actually good even without their special sauce (which I’m gonna rave about in the next paragraph haha).


I also liked the Annatto Pepper Fried Rice and grilled veggies— the portion sizes are just enough to accompany the heaviness of the steak. And, of course, how can I forget that super duper yummy special sauce? I mean, seriously, I literally said “Wow” when I tasted it. 😀  It was very well-seasoned (with herbs that are very familiar to me… I just can’t remember where I tasted them) and it complements the steak perfectly! If ever they run out of side dishes, I’d be totally fine with just the steak and the sauce. Haha!

We may have one tiny complaint about the steak (we kinda had a hard time slicing through the strands of fat, making the steak slightly time-consuming and inconvenient to eat), but overall, it was definitely a great experience. We’ll definitely come back for more— more steak, more sauce, more meals (they have other stuff too, such as Tapsilog, hamburger, liempo, and more) and, hopefully, more mashed potato, since they ran out of it when we went there. Haha.


CoW DaDi
G/F Pioneer bldg., 252 Urban Ave., San Isidro, Makati
Phone: 09052643234
Open from 9am to 3am
Visit their Facebook page

Happy blogging (and eating!)

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