Q is for Quotable Quotes: In Joan’s Words


We grow in spirit and wisdom.

– Joan Crawford

This is just one of her many, many quotes. I agree to this, as this was very true of Joan. Over the course of her career, she has said a lot of things that were not only quote-worthy, but also full of spirit and wisdom.

In line with that, I’d like to share some of her beautiful quotes:

1688326_588333967936892_1037513056_n 1889135_1582062672046489_1295893775_n 10616906_788573397871640_1720202825_n 10683887_727034060679426_444911476_n 10684260_684348941651392_1455187900_n 10693787_908037059223807_1431262941_n (1) 10693794_289923927883201_1841543995_n 10723865_365379710287729_884206761_n 10735136_812147012140269_1762314796_n 10747773_368300806672828_1888256070_n 10748240_538856552916796_1046247846_n 10831767_1581886002043421_118775930_n 10860093_1027213627304743_377652510_n 11004987_1383175985331791_1993109304_n

To read more, please visit one of my Instagram pages dedicated to Joan, Joan Crawford Said… 🙂  All images are edited by yours truly. Haha. Follow if you have IG, too!

Happy blogging (and fangirling!)


(Photos from Joan Crawford Said…)

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