Food Quickie: Plato Wraps’ Beef Gyros

With my weight skyrocketing to a number I won’t mention (haha) in just a span of 2 months, I’ve imposed a “strictly no rice for dinner” policy on myself. So last week, when my food buddy and I were hankering for something delicious inside Alphaland Southgate Mall in Magallanes, our feet led us to Plato Wraps.

I’ve decided to try their new (I’m not sure if it’s really new, but it’s not included in their default menu so I figured it is) wrap, the Beef Gyros.


In fairness, I liked it! You can really taste the seasoned beef just on the first bite. It’s so flavorful and really beefy. The crunchy cucumber gave a great contrast to the softness of the beef. The sauce was a bit runny, but I didn’t mind, as long as the food’s worth the price (P65.00). 😉

Surely recommended! Try their Beef Gyros and tell me your thoughts!


Happy blogging (and eating!)

4 thoughts on “Food Quickie: Plato Wraps’ Beef Gyros

  1. Haha~ My weight has prompted me to reduce my diet down to salads. Fortunately, one can creatively stretch the definition of “salad” a little. Still, it’s depressing.

    • Haha! Yeah, I’ve been there. For almost two months, I ate nothing but salad for dinner. I agree, salads have many variations, but after a while, you kinda run out of ideas inevitably. Hahaha. Sooo depressing.

      Anyway, thanks for following! Followed you back cos you have a cool blog! 😉

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