A different kind of oatmeal

I was comfortably sitting on my super awesome office chair when I stumbled upon my friend’s Facebook post about Nikola Tesla:


Curious, I checked it out and I have no regrets. This post had me laughing at every line. (I urge you guys to read it, too. Awesome info about one of the many scientists who lived and died without getting enough recognition for their contributions to mankind. Shame.)

Anyway, after reading this, I browsed the whole site and found more funny insights about various stuff like Facebook likes, Hitler and Stalin, beer and coffee, etc. This website is just bursting with creativity and attitude. Plus, the comics are so hilarious. Very well-written lines, sarcasm, jokes, and puns + cute drawings = awesome!

Bottomline: this oatmeal just made a fan out of me. I can’t wait to go home and bask in its comic glory. 🙂

Visit: http://www.theoatmeal.com

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