The impossible 2013 Christmas wish list

Ahhh, December— the “most wonderful time of the year.” Christmas is just around the corner, and same as the past years, this season won’t be complete without gifts. Aside from long tables of fatty dishes and Christmas trees filled with garlands and colorful lights, gifts are very important during the holidays. In fact, some people already plan their wish list as early as September.

Well, I also have my own Christmas wish list, of course. But, unfortunately, I can’t share it with you guys. We have a Secret Santa activity in the office for our Christmas party, and they might find me out if I post my desired gifts here (though I think they already know and I’m not sure if someone from the office reads my blog lol).

Anyway, I still have another wish list called “The Impossible Christmas Wish List of 2013.”

  • Studio unit – Yes, my very own condo unit. I’ve always dreamed of having a tiny space that I can call my own, and I swear I will accomplish that before I turn 30 (haha). I want a clean and no-fuss place, with less furniture and not-so-wide walkway. Specifically, I want my little unit to look like this:
    Cool, right?
  • Car – Though I’ve been dreaming of a Volkswagen beetle since I was a kid, it doesn’t matter if it’s brand new or not. All I want is a well-working car and the ability to drive. Yeah, I’m a frustrated driver. I’ve always wanted to have my hands on the steering wheel and just drive anywhere. But sadly, my dad still doesn’t want me to go to driving school… unless I already have enough money to pay for gas, toll gates, etc. Well it’s reasonable, but I’m still wishing for it next year. Hahaha. And oh, a hot pink beetle would be super cool to drive, like this one:


  • DSLR camera – I’m not aspiring to be a photographer, but it would be nice to have my own high-definition camera. No more low-quality shots of oh-so-awesome happenings/places! Plus, with a DSLR cam, my sisters and I can finally do that photoshoot that we’ve been planning for ages.
  • Independence – Wow, the only non-material wish here. Actually, this sums up my other wishes. Aaaand, it speaks for itself. I don’t think I need to elaborate this. 🙂

Obviously, the things listed here are sooooo impossible to have this year (or the next 2-3 years haha). I just thought I’d share it here. Nevertheless, I’m happy with what I have (and what I will be having!) right now. But hey, a little daydreaming doesn’t hurt, right?

Last: How about you? Do you have an impossible wish list? Come on, share it! I don’t bite. Hahaha. Happy holidays!