Accidental success

Honestly, I don’t have anything to post today (hmm… actually I have a LOT to talk about, but I can’t choose right now). But then, I saw something in my e-mail and ta-daah! Now I have something to blog about.


“Most read milestone” — according to The site also states that I’m one of their most active members. Well, I don’t know how that happened since I rarely visit Watty nowadays, but I’m still touched. 🙂

The reason for this is, probably, the number of reads of “Who Killed Karen Hernandez?” It has reached 42.8K reads since 2011, and is still attracting curious readers up to now. Honestly, I still get surprised by my readers’ comments upon reading the story. When I read it, I don’t see something special. But because of their feedback, I feel like I’ve really brought chills to their spines. Hihi.


(Source: About the cover photo… all credits go to the movie “Carrie” and No copyright infringement intended!)

I consider “Who Killed Karen Hernandez?” (or WKKH? to everyone) an accidental success. I wasn’t expecting anything grand when I was writing it in 2011, but surprisingly, it has gained a large following in Creative Corner ( and Wattpad. Actually, I was originally planning to discontinue the story after only 5 chapters. Fortunately, everything worked out and the idea that “sprung-out-while-I-was-in-a-bus-from-school” is now a Mystery/Suspense hit online.


(“Who Killed Karen Hernandez?” still puts my other stories to shame (lol just kidding!) with its maximum number of reads since 2011. Wow.)

All I can say is… thank you so much for reading and appreciating my story! As an amateur writer who still have a long way to go, I will always be flattered by my readers’ kind words. I am eternally grateful to all of you. :”>

P.S.: Uhmm…. yea I don’t have any P.S. Hahaha.