Santa RUNtantan 2013: Very Merry 10K Runnin’



Date: December 15, 2013


Hola! Been a long time since I blogged about running, eh? 😛

I wasn’t able to share my 2nd Manila Bay Cleanup Run experience last July 14… I don’t know why. Hahaha. But here’s one of my “anniversary run” pictures (cos MBC Run was my first ever serious run (The Running Project or TRP), which started in 2012):


(Shower after the run. Yay!)

Okay, enough with the MBC Run. This morning, I participated in this year’s Santa RUNtantan, which was held in Aseana City, Paranaque. And guess what, it’s my first ever 10K run… and I nailed it! 😀  I’ve been looking forward to this moment all year long; you know, the time when I’ll finally be able to run my usual race route— times two. Hehe. I’m just so glad that I experienced 10K before the year ends.

Finishing 10K is, probably, one of the greatest achievements I’ve had this year. It’s not easy, of course. It was my first time, and even though I’ve been running 5K since last year, I almost gave up by the time I reached the 10K U-turn. My muscles were already pleading for help after 7 or so kilometers and I thought I won’t make it to the finish line without crawling. Hahaha. But, fortunately, I survived. As I approached the finish line, the sweet smell of success clouded my whole being. As I was running towards the end of the race route, a wide smile made its way to my face— and never left. Wanna know the best part? Instead of just giving us our finisher medals, they actually put it on us! I know it’s a small thing, but it amplified the feeling I had at that time. I swear I was ready to yell “I survived 10K, beaches!” at that time. 😛

Oh, here are some pics. Btw, I finished the run in 1:47:55. Next goal: decrease my running time to 1 or 1 1/2 hours. Hahaha.

Image(Feelin’ awesome knowing that I’m already halfway there!)

Image(Proud first-time-10K-finisher with her medal!)

Image(Proud addition to my collection of finisher medals :D)

Kudos to Bearwin Meiley and the whole RUNtarantantan team for a job well done! It was a really awesome fun run— well organized and super duper fun. 🙂  Although next time you might want to have aerobics and simple stretches as forms of warm-up instead of dance steps choreographed by Wiltime Bigtime girls. We don’t have any problems with that, but some of us aren’t comfortable enough to bust the same moves as them. No one (or only 3% of the entire Santa RUNtantan population) participated in the warm-up prior to the run, so I think it’s very clear that most runners prefer basic stretches and flexing. 🙂

All in all, I really had a great time! And oh, thanks to my running enthusiast-slash-officemate Sherwin for being my running buddy for this event!

Till the next fun run! 😀

Image(Photo: Tara Trip Tayo)

Last: Anyone here who ran in Santa RUNtantan too? Let’s talk!