(Mis) adventures of a cupcake rookie part 1: “Frosting-less” Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Hi guys! 🙂


So yesterday, I baked my first ever batch of cupcakes and… well, the results were quite above what I expected, but definitely lower than what they should be. But then again, it’s my first time so I’ll cut myself some slack. Hahaha.

For my first attempt to whip up cupcakes of my own, I decided to make dark chocolate cupcakes— my favorite kind of chocolate. I followed Sally’s Death by Chocolate Cupcakes recipe and, using my brand-new baking equipment and freshly-bought ingredients, went on with baking.

They say the first time is always the hardest, and I have to agree with that. Being a rookie with no baking experience whatsoever, I was a complete mess in the kitchen. I got so excited and caught up with what I was doing that I didn’t notice I was moving like a lightning. If we have a surveillance camera in our house, you would probably see how I handled my first baking experience. Hurry here, panic there, dirty dishes on the sink… not a good sight. But fortunately, I managed to get by and compose myself before finishing the batter.

I will not bore you with the bit-by-bit details of how I exactly did everything because I just followed the recipe mentioned above. Long story short, I put the cupcakes in the oven (12 of them), waited for a couple of minutes, and was amazed to see my first ever creation, puffing up the tray. When I pulled them out of the oven and took my first bite, I was beyond happy. “So that’s how a cupcake made by a beginner tastes like…” I thought while munching on its slightly-dry-but-edible glory. My first cupcake— not burnt or an epic fail!

And oh, my first batch of cupcakes are “frosting-less.” I had some problems with the frosting and I decided not to got for it.

(What’s left of my first batch. Hahaha. Told you they’re “frosting-less!”)

Today, I took some cupcakes in the office and let my workmates taste them. In fairness, they kind of liked them. 🙂  According to them, my dark chocolate cupcakes are good enough for a first-timer, but tastes and feels like brownies instead of cupcakes. It feels good to know that you didn’t screw something up on your first time. The cupcakes are not perfect (not even close, I think), but they’re edible and still yummy, like what they said. Oh well… there will be plenty of next tries for me! 🙂  This is just the beginning of a colorful and hopefully-not-messy-but-definitely-bumpy ride to cupcake wonderland!


Next flavor: red velvet! And this time, with a creamy and delicious frosting! Hahaha. Wish me luck, guys! 😉

♥ Jane
P.S. Any advice for a cupcake rookie? Let’s talk! 🙂