ChopStop: Your One-Stop Chop Shop


ChopStop, located at G/F Centrum II, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City; with branches at Eastwood City Walk and SM BF Paranaque


Another foodie entry!


Thanks to my good friend, college (guy) best friend and tough kuya Alex Panzo (hello!), I was able to try one of Makati’s well-hidden restos. If it wasn’t for you, I guess I would never discover this place (or at least it would take me a looooooong time lol). So thank you bro! *splodin fist bump*


ChopStop is an Army Navy-ish restaurant located “inside” the hustle-and-bustle of the city. It’s a very “chill” place with cool ambiance and modern interior (signage… street signage everywhere hehe). They serve full meals, pasta, and breakfast, as well as desserts, alcoholic drinks and pulutan to go with whatever “chugs” you’re having.

IMG_20140213_184429  IMG_20140213_184436

So for my first ChopStop experience, we ordered the Gravy Chicken Chop, Meatball Spaghetti, and the must-try Brownie Mug Cake (which I heard was “to die for… literally”).

IMG_20140213_185553(Gravy Chicken Chop)

IMG_20140213_185509(Meatball Spaghetti)

IMG_20140213_192547(Brownie Mug Cake)

Overall, the food was okay. I guess I just had high expectations, but honestly, the only thing I enjoyed here is the Brownie Mug Cake (which is REALLY TO DIE FOR and DEFINITELY A MUST TRY!) and the side salad in my Gravy Chicken Chop meal. The others were okay— not bad but not that memorable for me. Sorry guys (I know I’m not a food critic, but you know… just… okay…)


I’d be glad to give this place a second chance. 🙂  The place’s not that far from me, so I guess I can pay ChopStop a visit again and hope I’ll get satisfied this time.

Check their menu out here aaaaand here!

IMG_20140213_184542(I like this signage… no diet, just eat HAHAHA amen!)

Happy blogging (and eating)!