Manila Bay Clean-Up Run 2014 | Third Time’s The Charm



Date: July 13, 2014


Yay! This marks my third year as an MBC runner! Cheers!


Last Sunday, I participated again in this year’s Manila Bay Clean-Up Run. It’s sort of like my yearly tradition already, so I really pushed it in my schedule. This time, my officemates Sherwin and Norman joined me. And guess what? We survived our second 10K (as a trio, but this is already my 3rd 10K run)! 🙂


There’s really nothing much to say. I’m impressed with the overall event. Unlike last year, there was no chaos in the baggage counter (awesome!) anymore. The shower’s still there, loot bags were evenly distributed, hydration stations were everywhere (well, except one spot where we needed water the most)… we even met Kuya Kim Atienza, who ran 21K. Too bad we didn’t receive a finisher’s medal and shirt (for 21K runners only), but we’re still proud of ourselves because we nailed another 10K in less than 2 hours. Haha. We completed our race route in 1 hour and 43 minutes, to be exact. Not bad! 😉


Here are some snaps:

IMG_20140713_044551(Thumbs up before the race!)


(Photo: Manila Bay Cleanup Run FB Page)

IMG_20140713_052114(Because selfie 😛  Lol whut)

IMG_20140713_065017(With 21K runner Kuya Kim Atienza)

IMG_20140713_070614(One thing I love about MBC run: the shower! Hahaha)

IMG_20140713_071742(The 10K survivors! And yes, we wore those hats while running hoho)

IMG_20140713_072138(My running buddies showing some MBC love)

Looking forward to next year’s event (and my 4th year too!) Check out Manila Bay Clean-Up Run’s Facebook page and stay tuned!


Happy blogging (and running)!