P is for Poetry: Joan and Words


Did you know that, aside from acting, Joan wrote poetry too? I betcha didn’t.


Here are two poems she sent to Dan Mahony in 1928:

I am condemned for everything I do,
Even for each and every little mood.
Everything’s wrong and nothing is right,
However I guess that’s all in life.–
But there’s one little thought that give’s [sic] me great peace–
In my own mind Im [sic] right at least.

Aaand the other one:

“A Prayer”

 Hail Mary Mother so full of grace
With your lovely Madonna face,
You’ve listened to hundred’s of thousand’s pray:
You in your Heaven so fair and so brave.
You’ve heard the secret prayers of a child
Ever so meek — Ever so mild
The prayers of a mother you’ve heard & understood
Knowing in your heart all mother’s are good
A murderer when all hope is gone
Turn’s to you and thru darkness sees dawn
Even the strongest of all mankind
Beg your forgiveness, & worship your shrine
But Blessed Virgin Mary in your kingdom above
What equal’s the beauty of a maiden in love?
I know for as a child I prayed to you
And as a mother I prayed for comfort too
But this prayer is neither of child or mother
It’s the prayer of a girl who has a lover.


Here’s a poem she made in between marriages to Franchot Tone and Phillip Terry (and during an affair with a man that didn’t go well):

Where are you?
My heart cries out in agony,
In my extended hands
I give my heart with
All its cries — its songs — its love,
But it’s too late.
You are not here to see its sorrow
Or hear its throbbing of your name
Perhaps it’s better that way
You who love laughter —
Did you ever know I love laughter too?
Oh my beloved
Where are you?

Good enough, eh? 🙂


Happy blogging (and fangirling!)


(Photos from Joan Crawford Best and Unemployed Film Snobs)

Poetry Day: Anatomy of You

Wow! Been gone for a while. I should really apply what I’ve learned from the A-Z Blogging Challenge— to make a schedule and blog consistently, that is.

Anyway, I’m just gonna share a super short poem. Spur of the moment one. Just struck me when I was so happy and inspired. Hahaha.

“Anatomy of You”

Your eyes
Staring with passion
Looking closely
Into my soul

Your lips
Ever so gentle
Kissing its way
Into my own

Your hands
Lacing, intertwine
Softly brushing
Against mine

Your heart
Beating, racing
This love
Forever yours
Forever mine

Forever ours

Told you it’s a short one. Haha. Will blog about stuff soon! I badly wanna share my undying admiration for The Bee Gees, Roaring 20s and more! Gaah. Stay put!

Happy blogging (and writing randomly)!

Poetry Night: Silent Scream

So… I am sharing another poem with you guys. Hahaha. I actually wrote this two years ago, when I still have an “inspiration” for this kind of poetry. Fortunately (lol), I don’t have any reason to write this type of poem anymore… or at least not yet. Hahaha.

“Silent Scream”

far enough to bridge
long enough to keep
painful enough for me
more enough to bear
How long
will you make me think?

How long
will you hold time?
How long
will you shatter my heart?
How long
will you make me wait?

Can’t you hear
my voice screaming?
Can’t you see
my soul drowning?
Can’t you feel
the fire igniting?

of this repeating crap
we will break apart
my love will fade
my love will die
my love for you


Happy blogging (and poetry-writing)!