T is for Towering High

Looks like I only have until tomorrow to finish this challenge. I say, “BRING IT ON!” 😉 This post is dedicated to all the buildings I’ve captured using my phone. I’ve been living and working in the city for almost … Continue reading

L is for Leading Lines

I’m not a pro when it comes to photography, and honestly, I had no idea what leading lines are when I took the photos below. I just thought the lines and the “way forward” effect were great to capture, so … Continue reading

B is for Ball of Fire

Just to clarify: I’m not talking about an actual ball of fire of whatever— I mean the sun. Haha. I love watching and taking photos of sunrise and sunsets (well, mostly the latter, because I’m not a morning person). I’m … Continue reading

The A-Z of My Photography “Skill”

Alright, time for another A-Z Blogging Challenge! This year (my 3rd time to participate, FYI), I’ve decided to showcase my moody (sometimes there, sometimes not lol) photography skill as the theme of my blog for the whole month of April. … Continue reading