O is for Outbreak Missions 2


To those who know me personally (or visit my blog often lol), me participating in fun runs– especially Outbreak Manila— is not something new anymore. I’ve joined the first few Outbreak events, back when their motto was “don’t think, just run.”

But this recent Outbreak was a bit different from those I’ve participated into. It wasn’t just zombies everywhere… it was a quest to find the cure for these flesh-eating flag-stealing zombies.

Last April 5, my sister, college friend, and I ran for our lives in Intramuros, Manila for the Outbreak Missions Operation Stronghold. This was the second part of the mission, with the first one held at Filinvest Alabang. Sadly, I wasn’t able to join the first one because, well, I was broke. Haha.


(My sister, me, and my friend DJ)

Anyway, it was so exciting for us because Intramuros is a very historic place (aside from the fact that DJ and I spent our college years here lol) and it was the perfect venue for a zombie apocalypse. Plus, I got the chance to “dress up” again. Haha.


(Story: I was cooking and went downstairs for a bit to buy some eggs when… the zombies… hahaha)

Everytime I participate in Outbreak, I always dress up as a regular person. On my first time, I ran in pajamas. Second time, I went as a news reporter. For my third time, I decided to don a bathrobe with a towel on my head. Hahaha.

In Outbreak Missions 2, we had to form a group of 10-15 members. Luckily, we found some kids and a young couple. We named our group “Team Rainbow” (I dunno, the kids chose that name lol).


(Team Rainbow!)

Overall, it was a great experience– despite some minor glitches that we experienced. For example, we were supposed to find glow sticks in order to complete a task, but they were already hoarded by the ones before us. Because of that, we were cut early from the story and we never found out the end of it. Sad.

Oh, one more thing: some parts of the adventure were a bit disorganized, like the glow sticks incident… and the part where we almost suffocated inside Fort Santiago (I think?). But other than that, the event was cool.

Pictures speak louder than words, so here are some snaps:

1010332_513800352063053_6001806477512494892_n (1)

(After the run. Photo: Outbreak Manila)


(With them zombies hahaha)


(My dog tag! I still prefer the usual “human survivor” medal, though)

I’m a bit excited for Outbreak Missions 3. I hope it’s more organized and waaaaaay better than the previous ones. Still, kudos to the organizers and brains behind Outbreak Manila! You guys still rock. 😉


(Yup, that’s me. Can’t believe they captured my run (and smile) perfectly. Haha. Photo: Outbreak Manila)

Oh, this is an A-Z Blogging Challenge post, obviously. 😛

Happy blogging (and running)!