My 2014 in pictures

Wooh! I know this post is sooo late, but like what they say, “better late than never!” Hahaha.

Anyway, I just wanna say that 2014 was such an unforgettable year for me. I traveled, I got a tat (not really, but close enough), I swam in freezer-cold water, I ran for my life (and nearly suffocated lol), I experienced new things, I partied, I lived my life as much as I could… it was great. Darn great! 😉

405618806 (1)

(Thanks again,, for compiling all my photos. Seriously, I love you, man.)

Of course I’m very grateful for the year that was. Everything in it— the places I saw, people I met, things I experienced, stuff I discovered, skills I never knew I had (but I have lol)— I’m thankful for. Now, I know 2015 is gonna rock my world too. I hope it would. 😉

Happy blogging (and reminiscing!)