(Super)Mom’s The Word


Until now, I’m still amazed at how they manage to keep things up without breaking a sweat. They’re actually all sorts of people rolled up into one— president, finance officer, chef, laundry lady, babysitter… everything! One mom could actually run a whole company. Lol.

And they don’t stop caring for us, even when we’re old enough to run things on our own. They still treat us like their little girl/boy… just because they still see us as one. To their eyes, we don’t grow up— ever. We grow old, but we’re still their babies.

181909_500474221913_4343417_n(Mom and me, back when I was still super adorable lol)

Of course, my mom is one of them. 🙂  Until now, she still organizes my closet whenever she sees it all cluttered. She still cooks for us when she has time. She still buys me stuff that I need (super duper thank you for the electric mixer and pastry bag!). She still looks out after us, even if the majority of us are already working and the other one’s already in college.

248630_10150199500101914_6306787_n(Mom and me, taken during my 18th birthday)

It’s true, isn’t  it? A mother’s love is endless and unconditional, from the day we were conceived to the time we conquer the world on our own. They see past our mistakes and imperfections. And even though we’ve hurt them several times, they still understand us.

So to my mom, thank you so  much for everything. I know I’m not always around and we don’t see each other more often, but always remember that I love you and I’m forever grateful because you’re my mom… my supermom. :*

IMG_20131224_234921(Mom and me, Christmas 2013)

To all the mothers out there, happy mommies day! Stay pretty and awesome! 😉

Happy blogging!