National Museum: Trip Down History Lane

I’m sort of a history lover.

Well, I wasn’t an attentive student when it comes to history classes, but I’ve always been fascinated at how people lived in the beforetime. I can tell you the names (in correct order too) of Jose Rizal’s siblings because I had fun reading his biography when I was a younger. Whenever my dad tells stories about the war in 1940s, I’m always all ears. When I was a kid, we had this very big and thick book called the “Tree of Knowledge,” which contains almost all information about the world. My favorite section there is the history part— all about Queen Elizabeth’s era, the Black Death, the Trojan Horse, and more. And when it comes to entertainment, you know I love classic stuff… BW movies and old songs are the best.


That’s why when I got the chance to visit our country’s (Philippines) National Museum last Sunday, I was like a kid all over again. I went there with my dad and little sister for her school assignment, and as soon as I stepped inside, I already felt the museum’s historic presence. Building’s old, slightly dimmed lights, echoing voices bouncing within the walls— I loved it!


The National Museum has many galleries to feast your eyes on, housing a wide variety of art pieces. From old sculptures to paintings to church ruins to art memorabilia, the museum has it all. I had the opportunity to look closely into each art and examine how they were made and what they’re made of. It’s a great experience— to be able to really zoom in on a certain art piece. But, of course, no touching!

(Dad and Joy reading about the sculpture’s history. Cute sighting)

I’m not just gonna talk about it. Here are some snaps instead:

(Dad and me)

(With my little sister Joy)

(Behind me: Juan Luna’s famous “Spoliarium.” The painting’s larger than life! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a full picture)

IMG_20140629_160200 IMG_20140629_160234
(Yes, the museum was once a Senate building)

IMG_20140629_160415 IMG_20140629_160646 IMG_20140629_160657 IMG_20140629_160812 IMG_20140629_160955
(My favorite art piece there. Just kidding)

(Dead Child by Simon Flores)

(Juan Luna’s self-portrait)

IMG_20140629_161344 IMG_20140629_161627 IMG_20140629_161653 IMG_20140629_161900 IMG_20140629_161943 IMG_20140629_162101
(With the “Prehistoric Man”)

IMG_20140629_162119 IMG_20140629_162147 IMG_20140629_162329 IMG_20140629_161735 IMG_20140629_161840 IMG_20140629_162737 IMG_20140629_162925 IMG_20140629_163304IMG_20140629_163526 IMG_20140629_163704

The National Museum is really a happy place for people who love history and art. Best of all, admission’s free every Sunday! Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more.


Happy blogging (and learning)!

U is for Up Dharma Down


Yeah… my officemate Ate Gi is right: this A-Z Blogging Challenge post is all about my favorite local band, Up Dharma Down!

Up Dharma Down .


I don’t usually listen to local and modern songs, but recently, I discovered an amazing yet underrated band. Up Dharma Down rose to fame during my high school years (around 2005, I think?), but I didn’t care until earlier this year. I hear their name everywhere, but most of my favorite songs are from 1950s to early 2000s, so I didn’t pay attention.



Though I regret the wasted years that I didn’t listen to their songs (lol), I’m still happy because, now, I’m one of their million biggest fans. I love all of their songs. I listen to UDD every day– on the way to work, in the office, after work hours… every time! They have a separate playlist on my player, and it’s been on repeat since I discovered them. If I keep talking, I’d sound so obsessed… so I’ll stop. Hahaha.



Check out their songs here:

(Playlist by Nathan No Llora)

Oh… by the way: recently, my friends and I watched their gig in saGuijo (an acoustic bar near my place) and this happened:


(Photo: Dhiejhae Baquiran)

Thank you, Armi, for this awesome picture. And thank you, Dhiej, for making us smile like this. Yay!



Happy blogging (and listening)!