Yamazaki: The Only Ramen (and Gyoza) I Need


Yamazaki (Hoka Hoka Ramen House & Japanese Grocery), located at Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong Tamo), Legaspi Village, Makati


Honestly, I’ve been meaning to blog about this place ever since my first visit, but I never really got the chance to do so. I don’t know why, so don’t ask. Haha. Anyway here I am, posting about one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world (and my favorite Japanese resto ever)!

If you happen to pass by Makati Cinema Square, go further to the left and you will see this oriental haven that I would like to call “Japanese Food Heaven,” because there are a lot of Japanese restaurants erected side by side in that area. If you’re hankering for a Japanese food fix, then go here and play a little “where-to-eat” game. Lol. 🙂

However, there’s one restaurant that doesn’t really stand out because of its exterior. But trust me, the food makes up for the whole “I’m-just-a-simple-eatery-and-grocery” setup on the outside. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my favorite ramen place: Yamazaki!


(Sorry I wasn’t able to get a good interior shot)

Yamazaki is squeezed in between two other Japanese restaurants, so it’s a little hard to notice at first. But once inside, be ready for an amazing Jap lunch (or dinner). Their menu is actually just simple— ramen, rice meals, bento, you get the idea— but what makes Yamazaki so likeable is the taste AND price of their food. The place itself may look too rugged or too simple (or too homey, which is good, in my opinion) unlike its posh and super-decorated neighbors, but you won’t be disappointed with the grub. You have my word. *wink*

I noticed that I’ve been bragging about their food from the start of this post, so I won’t blab any longer. I highly recommend their Yamazaki Special Ramen (P218); it’s my personal favorite. It’s already good for 2-3 persons, so you can really save a lot of money in exchange of a super good ramen (and by super good, I mean you won’t need another ramen in your life!). With six slices of pork, firm noodles, fresh veggies and a delicious soup broth, you’ll feel super satisfied and heavy. It’s delicious, comforting, and so affordable!


(Yamazaki Special Ramen)

It’s also a MUST to try their gyoza (P84 for 5 pieces). I’ve tasted other gyoza in various Japanese restos (expensive ones at that, thanks to my money sponsor lol), but Yamazaki’s is my favorite. Tip: soak each one in soy sauce before eating and you’ll be sent to Gyoza Wonderland. 🙂



When I go here, that’s the only thing I usually order: ramen and gyoza. But do try their other offerings! I love their Pork Tonkatsu (P125) and Ebi Furai (P207), which are served with steamy rice, fresh shredded lettuce, white pasta (I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s yummy), and other side dishes. For below P500, you can already eat here with your family or friends. 😉


(Ebi Furai)

I can go on and on about how amazing this place is for me, but I don’t think you’ll want to read a novel-like blog post. Haha. I super recommend Yamazaki. It’s a proof that a Japanese restaurant can have sumptuous food that’s inexpensive and satisfying in the belly. 🙂  Ten thumbs up!

Happy blogging (and eating!) Jane