Ready, set, CUPCAKES!

As part of my “slight obsession”  with cupcakes (lol), I’ve decided to go on an amazing journey… cupcake journey, that is.



This 2014, I’m planning to scout every cupcake shop in town and taste their best-sellers, as well as their other offerings (if I have the money hahaha). I’ve already been to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, and the experience was super awesome! I’m going back there to try the other cupcakes they have. 😉

Also included in my list of “places to go, cupcakes to eat” are Cupcakes by Sonja, Mom and Tina’s Bakery and Cafe, GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes, Frostings Cupcakes, Vanilla Bakery and Cafe,  Sophie’s Mom, The Flour Girl, Twelve Cupcakes and Blenz Coffee, which is near our office.


(Wow these cupcakes feel nostalgic. Reminds me of my days as a barista. Hahaha. Photo:

Let the cupcake adventure begin! 🙂

P.S.: How about you? Do you know any cupcake shop that I can put on my itinerary? Don’t hesitate to inform me! 🙂  Thanks!