L is for (I) Love (You)


I love you.

Simple words, big meaning. For lovers, the million-dollar question is: do they really need to say it all the time?

Comments vary. For some, the importance of love is not only defined by words, but by actions. But for mushy, hopeless-romantic people, this phrase is just as important as actions.

So… is it really important to say “I love you?”

For me, words don’t mean anything if they’re not accompanied with actions. Nowadays, people say those three sweet words, but they only say it because it’s required or out of habit. Sometimes, those words mean nothing.

But then again, all of us need to hear that phrase from time to time. Actions are great; yes, we see and feel how our loved ones care for us, but deep inside, we all yearn for that gooey-romantic line. Weird, right?


(Photo: lizpearson.com)

I guess the bottomline is this: love is not measured by words alone, but it would be nice to hear, too. It doesn’t mean that you’re not contented with the gestures and all; it’s just that, sometimes, you need verbal reassurance.

So to those who are still arguing about what’s more important, just stop. 🙂  Instead of stressing yourself out, just listen to this song (lol):


Btw, this is, obviously, an A-Z Blogging Challenge entry. 😛

Happy blogging (and loving yeah)!