Food Quickie: Plato Wraps’ Beef Gyros

With my weight skyrocketing to a number I won’t mention (haha) in just a span of 2 months, I’ve imposed a “strictly no rice for dinner” policy on myself. So last week, when my food buddy and I were hankering for something delicious inside Alphaland Southgate Mall in Magallanes, our feet led us to Plato Wraps.

I’ve decided to try their new (I’m not sure if it’s really new, but it’s not included in their default menu so I figured it is) wrap, the Beef Gyros.


In fairness, I liked it! You can really taste the seasoned beef just on the first bite. It’s so flavorful and really beefy. The crunchy cucumber gave a great contrast to the softness of the beef. The sauce was a bit runny, but I didn’t mind, as long as the food’s worth the price (P65.00). 😉

Surely recommended! Try their Beef Gyros and tell me your thoughts!


Happy blogging (and eating!)

Food Quickie: KFC’s Pillow Puffs

Earlier this evening, my boyfriend and I were thinking of a “sorta” new place to have dinner in Waltermart Makati, where we did some Christmas costume shopping. It was kinda tough for us, considering that we’ve already tried all the affordable ones there. Haha.

Then we saw a newly-opened KFC on the other side of the mall… and I was like, “It’s not really new, but…” and he said, “But it’s newly opened!” HAHAHA. Oh, what the hell.


Good thing there was something new to try at KFC— Pillow Puffs. It was included in our Duo Meal (which was super sulit, by the way!), as a dessert. It consists of nugget-like bread pieces dusted with powdered sugar, and served with chocolate dip.

And the verdict is… surprisingly good!

It’s actually like Auntie Anne’s pretzels, except they’re not actually pretzels. Haha. It tastes good, especially with the thick chocolate dip. It’s also a perfect dessert for people on-the-go, too!

Try it now and let me know! 🙂

Happy blogging (and eating!)

Food Quickie: Mang Inasal’s Palabok

Mang Inasal is best known for its delicious chicken served with unlimited rice and toyo-mansi (and chicken oil, just sayin’ haha). But, just recently, I decided to order something different for a change.


I tried their palabok to, well, see if it’s worth coming back for. Prior to ordering, my friends warned me that it’s not that good, but I ordered it anyway.

(Okay, I should elaborate: palabok is a traditional Filipino dish, which consists of clear, thin noodles covered by thick shrimp sauce and topped with slices of egg, green onions, fried garlic, beancurd, bits of pork crackling, prawns, pork, and flaked smoke fish. Not complete without calamansi.)

Anyway… and the verdict is: good enough! 🙂

It’s actually yummy, but to be honest, it’s quite saucy. There’s just too much of the sauce going on in the plate. But I like the fact that Mang Inasal didn’t hold back on the ingredients (I don’t eat shrimp, but I appreciate the number of shrimps in my plate). I guess the only thing I don’t like about this dish is that it can be unappetizing in the end. Just the end. Haha.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a try (at least once)! Don’t take my word for it! 😉

Happy blogging (and eating!)

Food Quickie: Bon Chon’s Seoul Fried Rice

Starting today, I’ll be doing this “Food Quickie” whenever I come across new food in town. Though I’m not a food critic and really don’t have full rights to review food, I think this activity is going to be fun… and helpful to other people. Heehee. 🙂

So anyway, I just tried Bon Chon’s newest offering: the Seoul Fried Rice, which consists of ground beef, Korean spices and a bit of kimchi, topped with leeks, egg strips and toasted sesame seeds. I know most Korean dishes are spicy (and the fried rice looks a bit spicy in the ads), but I decided to go for it. What am I to lose, right?


Verdict: I enjoyed it. 🙂 In fairness, it tastes really good! I thought it was just another commercial deception, but it’s real delicious. I ordered the 1-pc soy garlic fried chicken and upgraded the rice to Seoul Fried Rice, so my dinner experience was even better. 😉

Oh, and the best part is… it’s not spicy at all!

I love Bon Chon’s fried chicken (it’s the only fast food chicken I like even without gravy haha), but now, I have more reasons to enjoy it. Don’t take my word for it— try it yourself!

Happy blogging (and eating)!