Munchbuckz: Definitely a Must-Try in Laguna

Munchbuckz, located at F. Reyes St. Brgy. Balibago, Santa Rosa, Laguna || Contact: 0905 338 1203


Heads up, Manila people (or basically everyone haha)! Planning to go to Enchanted Kingdom for some barkada fun? If you’re nodding your head right now, then I recommend a good place for a quick merienda or dinner after spending the whole day trying out all of EK’s cool rides and screaming your lungs out. Haha.


But before that, here’s a brief story (lol): after our perfect EK date, Mark and I started choosing an equally-perfect place for dinner. We checked out two restos before our feet led us to Munchbuckz. While scanning their menu outside, we noticed that the place was empty— not even a single soul eating there— that alone gave us the notion that maybe the food there isn’t good. And because we have a lot of trust issues regarding some restos that are not worth it for the price, we were a bit hesitant to go inside and give it a try. Fortunately, our curiosity got the best of us and we decided to check the place out.

Aaaaand our trust issues were gone… at least for now. Haha!


(Yes, feel free to write on their wall… if you see any space left. Haha. Or just ask for a post-it note!)

Munchbuckz is actually easy to see— it’s located right by Balibago Road and quite adjacent to Caltex gas station and Waltermart (your drop off point if you’re travelling by bus). The area is a bit small— it can seat up to roughly 20 people only— but it’s actually an ideal place for people who just want to enjoy their food and relax… just like their slogan, “Chill. Eat. Repeat.”


(They also have rice meals and other grub, if you don’t fancy a burger)

Okay, so for the main reason I’m blogging about Munchbuckz: their food. We ordered their two best-selling burgers, the Fili Cheeze Steak (Filipino-style Philly cheesesteak, with veggies and mushroom my love) and Muncheeze Burger (thick, double-burger patty with veggies and bacon my love also lol). I also tried their Choco Fudge Milkshake cos, for some reason, I was hankering for milkshake at that time. Haha.


(Muncheeze Burger – P140 with fries)


(Fili Cheeze Steak – P100 with fries)


(Choco Fudge Milkshake – P75)

And our verdict is… “PIGGIES APPROVED!” *insert a pig thumbs up badge here*

I personally love the Muncheeze Burger— super tasty and worth the price! Actually, they’re all worth it (including the milkshake which satisfied my hankering haha), but the Muncheeze is my favorite. ❤  The burgers were big enough to fill our tummies (and souls) for a long journey back home. For two piggies who’ve tried Zark’s (the home of greatest and greasiest burgers ever), this little gem in Laguna comes pretty close to that. 😉


My only complain? Not enough fries! Haha. Mark and I are big on fries, so it would be nice to double the quantity of your fries. But other than that, we are sooo going back for more!

For more information about Munchbuckz, please like their Facebook page and pay them a visit! You won’t regret it, I swear. 😉  (Guys at Munchbuckz, please make an Instagram account— your business might pick up)

Happy blogging (and eating!)



Outbreak EK: Just Like Zombieland



Date: October 31, 2012


I’m so glad to share my 2nd experience with “zombies” with you, people. 🙂  Last time, I was able to run for my life because I won a free race kit from Gala magazine. This time, I sort of covered the whole event. Pretty awesome, huh? Thanks so much, Gala!


As you can remember, I donned my comfiest pair of pajamas (complete with hair rollers and a pillow) in the last Outbreak. Well, this time, I dressed up as a newscaster “who was doing a coverage when the zombies suddenly showed up.”


Why? I don’t know. Hahaha! No seriously, I was running out of ideas for my costume and the reporter thing seemed like a pretty neat idea, since I’m a Journalism student, after all. 😉


(Just us, doing an “interview” :P  Meet my very good friend, Cindy!)

Anyway, the 5K zombie-infested run was super cool, like my past Outbreak experience. I got to escape some zombies with my friend Cindy and her high school buddies Ken, Pauli, and Razaele, who won the Best in Costume award for Wave 15 with his attention-grabbing Slenderman getup. (He was practically one of the most famous runners that night, lol.)


(Me and Cindy posing with her HS friends Pauli, Razaele and Ken)

Adding up to the awesomeness of the zombie run was the fact that it was held at Enchanted Kingdom, which is probably one of the most-loved amusement park in the country. I mean, who could’ve thought of holding a 5K sprint inside a park full of ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and other rides? It was just like the movie Zombieland… and it was so lifelike because when zombies get the chance conquer the world, no place will be spared.


(With the super creepy and silent zombie nun :P  Photo: Kenneth Velasquez)


(Just us, taking a quick break from all the running and posing for a photo op! Photo: Kenneth Velasquez)


(Yay! We’re “Champion Survivors!” LOL. Photo: Booster C)

All in all, it was just mind-blowing. I didn’t mind the wounds and bruises that I got when a group of people behind me got excited and accidentally pushed me to the ground (those wounds lasted for weeks and left some scars, ugh!). I also didn’t care about the fact that, because of my injury, I wasn’t able to run and protect my flags… so when I came across a bunch of zombies near Harry Houdini’s shop, these ruthless rotting humans gladly took all my flags. I was left with zero flags, two bruises and three wounds.

But, even though I came out of EK “dead,” I still emerged sweaty and energetic, which were more important to me than having my flags intact. Because this is, after all, a 5K run.

And oh, let’s not forget the medal!


Yea, I know they’re just for finishers and were given to ALL runners (with flags or no flags), but it’s still a symbol that I was part of this historic run and something to remind me that “I survived the Outbreak— again!”


(Yours truly with Cindy and Pauli (and Slenderman creeping from behind, haha)… and our medals, of course! :D  Photo: Kenneth Velasquez)

I would love to survive another zombie apocalypse soon! 🙂  Well, after they’re done with Cebu, I hope they can conduct another night run here in Manila… or somewhere nearer. Great job, organizers of Outbreak Manila! You’ve done it again! 😉

P.S.: Please grab a copy of Gala magazine’s December-January 2013 ish, with Vice Ganda on the cover. If you want tips on how to survive the next zombie run, read the article (Outbreak EK: Survival of the Fastest, the Fittest, the Most Vigilant… and the Most Creative) written by yours truly. 😉  Thanks!


(Photo: Gala magazine)


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