Z is for Zeal: The Joan Crawford Drive


I guess if you have any kind of ambition, you can’t help being intense about what you do.

– Joan Crawford

Joan had an incredible, youthful zeal that never vanished… well, maybe except that time when she decided to be a recluse in the 70s.


Since the beginning of her career, she did what most hardworking girls did: strive, learn, and be eager. She lobbied for decent parts in good films, found ways to learn the ropes of acting, sought every opportunity to be noticed by people (and fellow contract players), and constantly reinvented herself— all because she was very determined to make it to the top.


And, obviously, her hard work paid off. Big time.


See, even if she’s already dancing up in heaven, Joan is still teaching us about the importance of fervor and dedication. Without zeal, no one can really achieve what they want in life. Sure, we all have dreams and goals, but just thinking about them won’t do us any good. We must be intense and passionate about it; because it’s one thing to like what you do, but it’s a whole new level to LOVE what you do.


I’m sure you get what I mean. Joan’s dedication and eagerness sure took her to greater heights, and it’s inspiring to know that such zeal could do awesome things.


Happy blogging (and fangirling!)


(Photos from Joan Crawford Best)


P.S.: This is the last entry for the A-Z Blogging Challenge! Woohoo! Can’t wait to write my reflection and see fellow participants’ entries!