Cuptails: Cupcakes for “Adults”


Cuptails, located at 3rd Level, Dela Rosa Carpark 1, Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati. Contact: 8233335 or 09178173362


Cupcakes with booze? Why not?


Recently, I discovered an awesome cupcake spot near my workplace: Cuptails. Thanks to Munchpunch, I got the chance to try out not one, not two, but FOUR of their flavors! (Thank you Munchpunch!)


Cuptails are, simply, cupcakes + cocktails. These alcohol-infused cupcakes are so new to me that I got excited when I saw their buy 1 get 1 promo on Munchpunch. I just had to experience the magic myself— immediately!


First, quick info: Cuptails and Dreams is originally a homebased business, but eventually, owner Reena Francisco and her husband had the chance to turn it into a little shop in Dela Rosa. They serve not only cuptails, but also non-alcoholic cupcakes and meals as well.


My food buddy and I ordered the Choco Martini (P95), Piña Colada (P90), Blue Hawaiian (P90), and Margarita (P90). In fairness, they actually taste like real cocktails, but of course they’re not in liquid form, so there are some differences. My personal favorites are Choco Martini and Margarita— if you’re not yet ready for a full cocktail experience, then these cuptails are good substitutes! Hahaha.

IMG_20140731_183107(L-R: Choco Martini – chocolate, cherry, vodka, crème de cacao),; Blue Hawaiian – pineapple, lime, orange, rum, blue curacao; Margarita – lime, tequila, triple sec; and Piña Colada – pineapple, lemon, coconut rum)

Overall, I liked all of them, though they are sweeter than I expected. For me, the cakes are too soft too, causing them to fall apart easily with just one pinch. But as far as the taste and look are concerned, they’re great! Eye-candies and absolutely delicious!


I will definitely go back here. I have yet to try some of the flavors, especially the Screaming O (chocolate, coffee liquor, vodka, Irish cream). I’ll blog about it again, don’t worry. Lol.


For more information, check out their menu on Munchpunch aaaand their Facebook page. Cheers! *raises glass… err, I mean cuptails*

IMG_20140731_183313(Disclaimer: I did NOT eat all of them… at least not entirely. Hahaha.)

Happy blogging (and eating)!