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The Bitch Goddess Notebook
Martha O’ Connor

“Set in a small-town high school in Illinois in 1988, three misfit girls join forces with devastating consequences. Rennie, the stunningly attractive straight-A student, finds herself way out of her depth when she embarks on an affair with her married teacher. Cherry builds a shrine to Princess Diana in her bedroom while nursing her hippy mother through her coke-fuelled rages. Amy, who tears up her cheerleader’s uniform while her drunken parents concentrate on presenting a façade of perfect family life to the outside world. Together the three girls form the Bitch Goddesses, a take-no-prisoners gang of fierce teenage rebellion. They swear to stick together, whatever life throws at them, until one night at Porter’s Point when something so horrific happens it shatters their friendship forever.” (Source: Goodreads)


My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I stayed up until 5 in the morning just to finish this book, and only had almost 5 hours of sleep before heading to work today. (Yes, today. As of this writing, my eyes are begging me to shut them off.)

You may wonder… why?

This book put a wonderfully-dangerous spell on me the moment I saw its title: The Bitch Goddess Notebook. Bitch. It definitely caught my attention.

You may wonder again… why?

We all have dark sides. I hold no exception to this, because even though I’m a of a bit goody-two shoes, I still have a little hint of “bitch” inside me. We all do. So when I saw this book on my favorite thrift bookstore, I immediately read the synopsis on the back and bought it without any hesitation.

The Bitch Goddess Notebook is a very edgy, dark and mature novel that only open-minded and non-judgmental people can love and understand. In this book, the stars of the show are three troubled girls who deal with sex, drugs, self-mutilation, swearing, and blood… lots and lots of blood. Martha O’Connor effortlessly tells the girls’ stories and how they dealt with their problems when they grew up. In the end, a shocking dark secret welcomed me, and all I could mutter was “Holy crap, that happened?!”

This book is really hard to put down. You think you’re okay with reading just one or two chapters in one sitting? Wrong. Every last page leaves me hungry for more. This is, actually, the best explanation on why I spent almost 5 hours reading it. Hahaha.

It’s an amazing novel. But, just like any other stuff, it has its flaws too (again, just my opinion).

I liked the story so much, but I think I got a little dizzy with all the POV changes. Now I’m reading it in first person POV, then it shifts to third person POV on the next. How Cherry’s story ended also left me a bit puzzled. Did she die or just pass out? I don’t know, maybe I’ll re-read it again. But just like one certain reader on Goodreads, I also didn’t understand that last scene with Cherry.

All in all, I like The Bitch Goddess Notebook. Yes, it’s dark and brutally honest, but it’s also very touching and sentimental. The story shows us the harsh reality of life— that no matter how many “perfectly good” people there are on the planet, there will always be the “outcasts” who are judged, misunderstood, and, oftentimes, just victims of their own problems. It shows that the world isn’t fair; it will never be. It shows the true meaning of friendship— no matter how troubled or messed up you are, true friends will never leave you behind. The Bitch Posse (their group) is actually a perfect example of a real friendship. I just love this novel, I can’t seem to shut up. Hehehe.

I suggest you read this book too. It’s a bit detailed (especially on all sex and self-mutilation parts), but it’s a really good story. Just like me, you’ll be transported back to 1988 and 2003 and actually feel that you’re with them during their struggles in life. For once, I felt like I was the fourth member of The Bitch Posse. Amazing things that a great novel can do to you, eh?

Okay, I’m gonna stop. Hope you didn’t get tired reading! 🙂

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Happy blogging (and reading!)

Of Judging And Books And People

Before I went home this evening, I stopped by my favorite bargain bookshop nearby. As I was scanning the shelves for a potential read, something popped in my mind: is it really bad to judge a book by its cover?

(Well said… uhm, wait… Photo:

I know that statement shouldn’t be taken literally (lol), but it’s kinda fun to think about. For me, it’s not that bad. I mean, it’s not a crime if you brand a book based on how it looks like. That’s the first thing we see, and it’s a bit hard not to judge the cover. But, as we read the synopsis on the back, we realize that no matter how lavish or simple the cover is, what matters is its story and importance to our lives. 🙂

books(How about books without covers? Lol. Photo:

I think this thought is comparable to that of first meetings. When we see a person for the first time, we can’t help but to judge his/her appearance. Some instantly put stereotypes. But, as we get to know the person better and deeper, we understand why they look like that and why we shouldn’t care about their exterior.

At some point, we need to ditch our opinions regarding book (and people) covers. And when that time comes, that’s when we will truly enjoy what we’re reading (and who we’re with). 🙂  Do you agree?


This is just a random post. If we share the same perspective or if you disagree in some way, let me know by posting a comment! I’d love to hear from you. 😉

Happy blogging!