101 Hawker Food House: Eat Heavy, Pay Light!


101 Hawker Food House, located at Unit 102 Campos Rueda Building; 101 Urban Ave., near corner Buendia and Ayala Ave., Makati City. Phone: 886-7329


I’ve been meaning to blog about this place since last year, but I haven’t got any good pictures… until now. Haha.

If you’re looking for a resto that serves hefty meals without breaking the bank, head over to Urban Avenue (in the middle of Gil Puyat Ave. (Buendia) and Dela Rosa st.) and look for this Singaporean food joint!


101 Hawker Food House (or simply Hawker for me and my officemates) is a simple-looking restaurant that is patterned after food stalls in Singapore, and serves hearty and affordable Asian meals such as Nasi Goreng, Hainanese Chicken, Roast Chicken, Yang Chow Fried Rice, Beef Hofan, Laksa and many more.

So, to cap our tiring week off, my forever food buddy and I decided to dine here for the third time. Haha. I ordered the Hainanese Chicken meal (with rice, soup and cold tea), while my partner opted to satisfy his fried rice cravings with Yang Chow Fried Rice (again, with rice, soup and cold tea).


(Hainanese Chicken)


(Yang Chow Fried Rice)

As usual, Hawker had us hollering in our minds. Haha! In fact, we barely talked for the whole duration of the dinner, prompting me to joke “So, galit-galit tayo?” (So, are we mad at each other? – rough translation). The food was that good! I was satisfied with my Hainanese Chicken— very subtle and tasty, and tastes more awesome with its special sauce! I also liked the Yang Chow Fried Rice (huge serving of rice mixed with veggies PLUS three pieces of tangy fried chicken)— you’ll be needing lots of room in your stomach for this.


(Props to my boyfriend for having a good eye for this shot— and a clear phone camera to match!)

All in all, we were more than satisfied. This won’t be our last time here… I’m sure. Haha. Visit their website at www.101hawkerfoodhouse.com for more information!

Happy blogging (and eating lol!)