T is for Towering High

Looks like I only have until tomorrow to finish this challenge. I say, “BRING IT ON!” 😉 This post is dedicated to all the buildings I’ve captured using my phone. I’ve been living and working in the city for almost … Continue reading

S is for Silhouette

I’m back! And I’m going to finish this long-overdue A-Z Blogging Challenge because I will join the next one in April… and also because I don’t like leaving things unfinished. 🙂 S is also for sorry: sorry this took so … Continue reading

R is for Ruins

(Well, to be honest, I know I’m so late with the remaining posts, but I’m still pushing through.) Most people don’t notice old, abandoned and ruined stuff, but for some folks, these are the things that catch their eyes. I’m … Continue reading

Q is for Quality Food

Who doesn’t love food, right? It’s not just because we need food to survive— we take it and enjoy it because we want to. We like food, we love food, and we live for (and because of) food. Agree? To … Continue reading

P is for Plain and Simple

Sometimes, the simpler and cleaner a photo is, the better it looks. Maybe it depends on the person/photographer (or even the mood lol), but for me, sometimes I prefer a minimalistic take on photos. There are times when I prefer … Continue reading

O is for On-The-Spot Portraits

I’m not really a professional photographer, but I kinda love it when I act like one. Haha! In the following photos, you might notice that there’s a story in each of them. I didn’t intend them to be that way, … Continue reading

N is for Non-Living Things

I love nature shots and all, but I also like taking photos of random things. There’s something about non-living things that just makes them the perfect subject for simple photography, don’t you agree? Also, they’re pretty easy to capture too… … Continue reading

M is for Magical Sky

Nature is really amazing— I wouldn’t trade it for a luxurious hotel stay or whatever. Every day, Mother Nature paints a whole new scenery for us, and I’m so amazed by her ever-changing sky art all the time. Sometimes, I’m … Continue reading

L is for Leading Lines

I’m not a pro when it comes to photography, and honestly, I had no idea what leading lines are when I took the photos below. I just thought the lines and the “way forward” effect were great to capture, so … Continue reading

K is for Kids

I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.” – “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston Yeah, I know it’s kinda cheesy, but the line says it all. Kids have all the … Continue reading