Frustrated baker

I like sweets. I’m the typical girl who goes gaga for chocolates (well now I prefer the dark ones), ice creams, cakes, and candies. If I have to choose between a healthy, very green-y salad and a sumptuous, moist chocolate cake, I’d definitely go for the latter. Even if I’m in a strict diet.

Yeah, I know. That’s why I keep on gaining weight. *sighs* Oh well.

Anyway, aside from the fact that I drool over sweets, I’m also developing an interest in baking cupcakes.

This began when I accidentally saw Cupcake Wars on TV. One day, I was just hopping from one channel to another, then I saw these stressed bakers trying their best to whip up delicious cupcakes. I was hooked on the show ever since. (Though lately, I haven’t watched a single episode because, until now, I don’t know its exact time slot on BeTV. Hahaha.)

And now, I’m currently glued to 2 Broke Girls (I know… I’m kinda late but, hey, I just had a copy of the whole season 1). Max (one of the lead characters) is a waitress in a simple diner, but is also a cupcake baker. As I continue to watch the show’s episodes, I become more enamored of baking cupcakes.


Who wouldn’t be, right? Chewy, mouth-watering cupcakes coming out of the oven… sweet icing and little decorations that melt in your mouth… yummy gooey filling… everything about cupcakes fascinate me.


(Source: my folder. Hahaha. Chewed on this baby while Meeka and I were on Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in Glorietta. My oh my, look at that sweet sweet cupcake!)

I think I want to give baking a try. I know it won’t be easy, but I still want to do it. I know I haven’t done any baking before (well once, but a dry and undecorated banana cake doesn’t count) and I’m not very experimental with flavors, but I think I can pull it off. All for the love of baking— and fulfilling one of my frustrations.

Wish me luck! And oh, I also wish for a complete baking set. Now I know what I want for Christmas. 😉