Rock n’ Roll Tuesday: Great Balls of Fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)

My playlist changes every day (or every week, I guess). I’m an oldie when it comes to music, but I also like modern ones as long as they’re catchy (yes, even Bang Bang and Dark Horse). One day I’m listening to The Carpenters and Bee Gees, then the next day I’m playing Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes. It really depends on my mood. Haha.

Which brings us to today’s choice of music: rock n’ roll. I don’t know why my soul has chosen Tuesday, of all days, to listen to rock n’ roll songs on Youtube. Haha. I don’t even know how I got here! All I remember from this morning was searching Mr. Sandman on Youtube, then Earth Angel by Marvin Berry and the Starlighters, then Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis— which is still playing until now.

(My super favorite video)

I guess I just missed the old days, when I got introduced to Lewis’ music. I don’t exactly remember how I discovered his music (I don’t even remember who told me or when… but I guess it’s my dad lol), but I’ve been amazed by his talent ever since. I mean, can you believe this guy’s hands? Have you seen him perform with such passion and strength? If not, look at this video:

(During his heyday in 1958)

I love Elvis Presley too, but this man deserves all the recognition he could get. I know he was already smothered with so much love in his time, but he’s still alive and kickin’ (in fact, he has a new album) at 79 years old. Life isn’t over for him yet, so I believe the modern generation should take some time to listen to his superb piano-playing skills and appreciate the man not for his personal and tumultuous life, but for his incredible talent. While everyone were using guitars to bring rock n’ roll to life, Lewis was nailing it with a piano. How cool is that?

(Still making magic with every piano piece as of July 2014!)

That’s all. I just want to share my current LSS… and my undying admiration for The Killer. 🙂 Long live the King of Piano Rock n’ Roll!

Happy blogging (and rock n’ rolling lol)!

LSS: Music for TV Dinners

Yes, my current LSS (last songs syndrome— and yes, in plural form) is the whole playlist of Music for TV Dinners on Youtube:

It all started with my “still ongoing” search for the perfect background music for my video tribute to Joan Crawford. Along the way, I stumbled into Laurie Johnson’s Gala Premiere, then Happy Go Lively, then Shopping Spree, then the whole playlist full of other wonderful music from various composers. I’ve been hooked ever since.

(Laurie Johnson’s “Gala Premiere”)

(Laurie Johnson’s “Happy Go Lively”)

(Laurie Johnson’s “Shopping Spree”)

I find these tunes relaxing, energizing, and totally fit for work. They’re so lively and full of positive vibe that I can’t stop listening to them!

(Otto Sieben’s “Curley Shirley,” my super LSS as of now)

One of these days, I will buy a frozen meal (just like a 50s TV dinner) and listen to these songs while eating. Oh life, I can imagine it already. *starry-eyed*


(Oh yes! Photo:

Happy blogging (and listening)!