A is for Art

To start off this year’s challenge, I’m gonna share some of the pictures I took when my sister and I visited the National Museum of the Philippines a few weeks back (which I’ve been meaning to blog about but, well, … Continue reading

National Museum: Trip Down History Lane

I’m sort of a history lover.

Well, I wasn’t an attentive student when it comes to history classes, but I’ve always been fascinated at how people lived in the beforetime. I can tell you the names (in correct order too) of Jose Rizal’s siblings because I had fun reading his biography when I was a younger. Whenever my dad tells stories about the war in 1940s, I’m always all ears. When I was a kid, we had this very big and thick book called the “Tree of Knowledge,” which contains almost all information about the world. My favorite section there is the history part— all about Queen Elizabeth’s era, the Black Death, the Trojan Horse, and more. And when it comes to entertainment, you know I love classic stuff… BW movies and old songs are the best.


That’s why when I got the chance to visit our country’s (Philippines) National Museum last Sunday, I was like a kid all over again. I went there with my dad and little sister for her school assignment, and as soon as I stepped inside, I already felt the museum’s historic presence. Building’s old, slightly dimmed lights, echoing voices bouncing within the walls— I loved it!


The National Museum has many galleries to feast your eyes on, housing a wide variety of art pieces. From old sculptures to paintings to church ruins to art memorabilia, the museum has it all. I had the opportunity to look closely into each art and examine how they were made and what they’re made of. It’s a great experience— to be able to really zoom in on a certain art piece. But, of course, no touching!

(Dad and Joy reading about the sculpture’s history. Cute sighting)

I’m not just gonna talk about it. Here are some snaps instead:

(Dad and me)

(With my little sister Joy)

(Behind me: Juan Luna’s famous “Spoliarium.” The painting’s larger than life! Too bad I wasn’t able to take a full picture)

IMG_20140629_160200 IMG_20140629_160234
(Yes, the museum was once a Senate building)

IMG_20140629_160415 IMG_20140629_160646 IMG_20140629_160657 IMG_20140629_160812 IMG_20140629_160955
(My favorite art piece there. Just kidding)

(Dead Child by Simon Flores)

(Juan Luna’s self-portrait)

IMG_20140629_161344 IMG_20140629_161627 IMG_20140629_161653 IMG_20140629_161900 IMG_20140629_161943 IMG_20140629_162101
(With the “Prehistoric Man”)

IMG_20140629_162119 IMG_20140629_162147 IMG_20140629_162329 IMG_20140629_161735 IMG_20140629_161840 IMG_20140629_162737 IMG_20140629_162925 IMG_20140629_163304IMG_20140629_163526 IMG_20140629_163704

The National Museum is really a happy place for people who love history and art. Best of all, admission’s free every Sunday! Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more.


Happy blogging (and learning)!

Poetry Day: Anatomy of You

Wow! Been gone for a while. I should really apply what I’ve learned from the A-Z Blogging Challenge— to make a schedule and blog consistently, that is.

Anyway, I’m just gonna share a super short poem. Spur of the moment one. Just struck me when I was so happy and inspired. Hahaha.

“Anatomy of You”

Your eyes
Staring with passion
Looking closely
Into my soul

Your lips
Ever so gentle
Kissing its way
Into my own

Your hands
Lacing, intertwine
Softly brushing
Against mine

Your heart
Beating, racing
This love
Forever yours
Forever mine

Forever ours

Told you it’s a short one. Haha. Will blog about stuff soon! I badly wanna share my undying admiration for The Bee Gees, Roaring 20s and more! Gaah. Stay put!

Happy blogging (and writing randomly)!

Poetry Night: Silent Scream

So… I am sharing another poem with you guys. Hahaha. I actually wrote this two years ago, when I still have an “inspiration” for this kind of poetry. Fortunately (lol), I don’t have any reason to write this type of poem anymore… or at least not yet. Hahaha.

“Silent Scream”

far enough to bridge
long enough to keep
painful enough for me
more enough to bear
How long
will you make me think?

How long
will you hold time?
How long
will you shatter my heart?
How long
will you make me wait?

Can’t you hear
my voice screaming?
Can’t you see
my soul drowning?
Can’t you feel
the fire igniting?

of this repeating crap
we will break apart
my love will fade
my love will die
my love for you


Happy blogging (and poetry-writing)!

Z is for Zzz

ZSo… this is it. The last A-Z Blogging Challenge entry to be posted… for this year. Lol. This is, yet, another poem. I don’t have the time and energy to write my intended topic for this letter (Z is for Zombies) because, well, I’m busy as hell.

And this is, again, another “spur-of-the-moment” one. I’m surprised because I don’t usually write poems and, for the past few days, I’ve written a lot in just minutes. I just put random words together, really. Hahaha.


underneath, a new home
and never let me go

So long
been a roller coaster
seeking the non-existent

softly, as I lay down
light of endless lies

where I’m destined to be
turn off the lights

Hope you enjoyed my last post! And advance congratulations to all A-Z Challenge participants! 🙂

Happy blogging (and writing creatively lol)!


Y is for You


Told you… my second-to-the-last (sniff!) A-Z Challenge entry is also a poem…


You loved, you lost
You left, you returned
You tried, you failed
You cried, you took a break

You loved, you lost
You cared, you were ignored
You tried, you failed
You gave up, you went away

You loved, you lost
You thought right, you were wrong
You tried, you failed
You’ve had enough, you said

You loved, you always will
You forgot, you never did
You moved on, you waved your hand
You said goodbye, you set yourself free

… and another one…


You build me up
You melt me down
You keep me sane
You drive me nuts

You steal my heart
You bring it back
You’re my sunshine
You’re my stormy night

You bring a smile
You make me frown
You take care of me
You just let me be

You are the cause
You are the cure
You turn me to ice
You set me on fire

… and another one…


You talk and talk
So many words untold
You like to say
But never open your mouth

How are you lately
Oh, I know perfectly
How could I not see
You shove it in my face

Put your thoughts to rest
I’m tired of seeing them
Won’t you please
Please just stop typing

Reading, listening
If you want to say something
Please just tell me
Talk only to me

Whoa… I’ve been bitten by the “poem ladybug” lol! I don’t know how and why, but… there you go. 😛

P.S.: I repeat, I’m not that much of a poet. Hahaha.

Happy blogging (and writing creatively lol)!

X is for XOXO


Another “spur-of-the-moment” poem for this day’s A-Z Blogging Challenge entry. And I shall warn you: tomorrow’s post is also a poem. Hahaha.


Alone at last
You and I
Eye to eye
There’s no turning back

Don’t you dare
Move so fast
If you must
Please stop the time

This one chance
May never be ours
We’ll make it last
There’s no holding back

Hugs and kisses
We’ll close our eyes
Stop the clock
Pause, rewind

Happy blogging (and writing creatively lol)!

W is for What Isn’t Said


Another poem from yours truly! Just for this year’s A-Z Blogging Challenge. 😛  (Yes, I’m being poetic because of this challenge. Lol)

I repeat: I’m not that much of a poet. Hahaha.

“What Isn’t Said”

Arms wrapped
Silence all around
Your lips moving
No words coming out
But your eyes say a lot

Whispers in my ear
Reasons to believe
You look at me
What isn’t said
I don’t need to hear

Impulse movements
You take me by surprise
Sweet things irresistible
Actions towering
Over words forgotten

Unimportant, irrelevant
Such definitions too boxed
Your eyes, your heart
What isn’t said
Doesn’t matter anymore

Happy blogging (and writing creatively lol)!

K is for Kiss



I’m a bit shy, but I’m gonna share it anyway. For this A-Z Blogging Challenge post, let me share a poem that I wrote just a few minutes ago. I’m not really a poem person, but at least I tried. 😛


Under the starry sky
Waiting for the right time
Heart beating so fast
There is no backing out

Sweat trickling
Down my trembling skin
Blood rushing
Through my very veins

As I slowly feel
The passion too strong
Lips burning
On fire, igniting

The time has come
Much has been said
The kiss of a lifetime
This kiss… that will never happen

Happy blogging (and writing creatively lol)!


Accidental success

Honestly, I don’t have anything to post today (hmm… actually I have a LOT to talk about, but I can’t choose right now). But then, I saw something in my e-mail and ta-daah! Now I have something to blog about.


“Most read milestone” — according to Wattpad.com. The site also states that I’m one of their most active members. Well, I don’t know how that happened since I rarely visit Watty nowadays, but I’m still touched. 🙂

The reason for this is, probably, the number of reads of “Who Killed Karen Hernandez?” It has reached 42.8K reads since 2011, and is still attracting curious readers up to now. Honestly, I still get surprised by my readers’ comments upon reading the story. When I read it, I don’t see something special. But because of their feedback, I feel like I’ve really brought chills to their spines. Hihi.


(Source: Wattpad.com. About the cover photo… all credits go to the movie “Carrie” and ew.com. No copyright infringement intended!)

I consider “Who Killed Karen Hernandez?” (or WKKH? to everyone) an accidental success. I wasn’t expecting anything grand when I was writing it in 2011, but surprisingly, it has gained a large following in Creative Corner (candymag.com) and Wattpad. Actually, I was originally planning to discontinue the story after only 5 chapters. Fortunately, everything worked out and the idea that “sprung-out-while-I-was-in-a-bus-from-school” is now a Mystery/Suspense hit online.


(“Who Killed Karen Hernandez?” still puts my other stories to shame (lol just kidding!) with its maximum number of reads since 2011. Wow.)

All I can say is… thank you so much for reading and appreciating my story! As an amateur writer who still have a long way to go, I will always be flattered by my readers’ kind words. I am eternally grateful to all of you. :”>

P.S.: Uhmm…. yea I don’t have any P.S. Hahaha.