H is for Happy Faces

In today’s challenge, I’m gonna share with you my short project, entitled “Happy Faces.” Well, it’s not really a thing— it was all just accidental. In the first two pictures, I was just taking random photos of them, and when … Continue reading

G is for Going to Church

Truth be told: I’m not really a church-goer. Well, I used to be (I was a choir member from six years of age till I was about 16), but ever since I grew up and had a deeper understanding of … Continue reading

F is for Flowers

I’m so proud to share with you my collection of flower photos. I’m not a professional photographer, but I’m confident enough to say that the following pictures are my best works yet. 👍 But first, an opening statement (haha): I … Continue reading

E is for Enchanting Chandeliers

Feeling lost and empty when it comes to photography? (Lol I sound like an expert, but I’m not) Sometimes, you just have to look up and discover a good subject for your photo. When I’m outside, I always like to … Continue reading

D is for Dancing Lights

Well, because they’re in picture format, you won’t see them dancing. Haha. The following photos were taken during the Spectacular Spectrum (Ayala Triangle Lights and Sounds Festival) in 2014 and 2015, an annual event which features “dancing” Christmas lights to … Continue reading

C is for Clouds

First of all, happy Monday, fellow A-Z bloggers! I had a really great time visiting some of the participating blogs earlier. Will surely visit more in the coming days. 🙂 Okay, so clouds… yes, the letter C for this year’s … Continue reading

B is for Ball of Fire

Just to clarify: I’m not talking about an actual ball of fire of whatever— I mean the sun. Haha. I love watching and taking photos of sunrise and sunsets (well, mostly the latter, because I’m not a morning person). I’m … Continue reading

A is for Art

To start off this year’s challenge, I’m gonna share some of the pictures I took when my sister and I visited the National Museum of the Philippines a few weeks back (which I’ve been meaning to blog about but, well, … Continue reading

The A-Z of My Photography “Skill”

Alright, time for another A-Z Blogging Challenge! This year (my 3rd time to participate, FYI), I’ve decided to showcase my moody (sometimes there, sometimes not lol) photography skill as the theme of my blog for the whole month of April. … Continue reading