Q is for Quality Food


Who doesn’t love food, right? It’s not just because we need food to survive— we take it and enjoy it because we want to. We like food, we love food, and we live for (and because of) food. Agree?

To eat and savor them is one thing, but to photograph them in a way that people will want to devour them is another— and kinda hard at that. Not all people are blessed to have food photography skills, and me, well… I’m one of those people. Haha! I’m not good at taking pictures of food, but I still try. :))))

To prove that, here are some of my food snaps. Don’t judge!


(Filipino streetfood, which comprises mainly of animal’s organs (pig’s blood, liver, etc.) and body parts (chicken feet, neck, even head). Idk how and why, but we loooooove our streetfood!)


(Blue Cheese Burger from Zark’s, one of my favorite burger joints)


(Yamazaki Special Ramen, one of my comfort foods)


(Spanish Longganisa, Red/Brown Rice, and Fried Egg from one of the many eateries we visited in Sagada. Love!)

Happy blogging (and eating!)


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