I is for I Capture You


The following photos are actually part of my ongoing project, #MyPhotograpig (just a temporary hashtag; will change it if I come up with something more interesting lol). You might be wondering, “What the hell is that?”

Well, #MyPhotograpig is just a collection of pictures of my boyfriend that I take whenever we travel together. The thing is, he’s not a photographer, but he always takes awesome shots of me all the time. He’s one of the perfect examples of an “Instagram boyfriend”: someone to take IG-worthy snaps of you for your feed. Haha.

Since he’s always kind enough to take the DSLR, I return the favor and photograph him with my phone, also. My style is to capture him when he’s taking pictures of me, and the following examples will best explain what I’m talking about:


Get it now? Hahaha.

Happy blogging (and picture-taking!)


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