G is for Going to Church


Truth be told: I’m not really a church-goer. Well, I used to be (I was a choir member from six years of age till I was about 16), but ever since I grew up and had a deeper understanding of life, I gradually stopped going to church. That doesn’t mean I totally don’t visit anymore— I still do from time to time, but just not every Sunday.

However, I’m still fascinated by churches. Just the fact that most of them are very old and have been through rough times is enough for me, but I also like their design and structure. All churches are not the same, and I’m sure they’ve all got amazing stories to tell.

That’s why, for today’s challenge, I’m gonna share some of my church snaps:


(Manila Cathedral, Intramuros)


(Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Sagada)


(Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne, Taguig)

Happy blogging (and church-going!)


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