A is for Art


To start off this year’s challenge, I’m gonna share some of the pictures I took when my sister and I visited the National Museum of the Philippines a few weeks back (which I’ve been meaning to blog about but, well, you know… maybe after this 🙂 ).

First of all, I love art. I live for art. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with art. Growing up, I also made my own art— in the form of drawings and stories. I believe that the world centers on art, and all forms of it (paintings, sculptures, etc.) are very important in the society.

That’s why whenever I visit museums, it’s as if I become a kid again. Art amazes me, and I’m glad I can capture them for the whole world to see.

So, here are some of my snaps from our recent trip to the museum (I’m not a pro at photography… I’m just saying):


Who doesn’t like art, right? Especially when they reflect your country’s history and heritage. 😉

Happy blogging (and art exploring!)


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