#JaneyGoesTo: Taytay Falls (or Majayjay Falls… or Imelda Falls)


Date: February 14, 2016

Yes, we visited one of Majayjay, Laguna’s famous falls on a holiday! Valentine’s Day, to be exact. Haha. But, believe it or not, we didn’t plan this as a Valentine’s getaway… but it turned out to be a really awesome date. ❤

CAMERA(The majestic falls behind us— and gushing right on our feet!)



I’m sorry if I won’t be able to give a detailed account of how we got to the falls via public transport— we hired a van as our personal vehicle for the trip.

(The van service that we hired was amazing! The driver is very kind and the van itself is in good condition. For more information, you can contact Anne Antonio at 09175180965.)

This trip was, originally, a school project of my sister (she’s a Tourism student)— my boyfriend and I just tagged along with her and her groupmates. Haha. 🙂  Because of that, we all met in front of their school and left at around 8:30am (see itinerary below).

CAMERA(On our way!)

We braced ourselves for a four-hour drive (according to my sister’s friends and some posts on the Internet), but fortunately, we reached our destination in just three hours. Oh, we would like to thank Google Maps and Waze for helping us find our way. HAHAHA. (But, seriously, you should always have a map when travelling.)

IMG_8030(Maps of the modern time)

Going to commute instead? Click here for a full guide on how to get to Majayjay Falls via public transport. (Courtesy of Smart Backpacker)



Heads up, fellow travelers! Visitors must pay a P20 entrance fee at the multipurpose hall before indulging in the beauty of Taytay Falls.


After paying, you can rest for a bit and snack on some of the food offerings near the hall, such as chips from the stores, ihaw-ihaw (grilled meat on sticks), and these (I don’t know exactly what they’re called, but they’re good!):


We reached the vicinity at around 11:30am, and since it’s almost lunch time, we decided to look for a place to eat. Fortunately, the area is filled with eateries selling grilled meat and seafood. Problem solved.

CAMERAIMG_8047CAMERACAMERA(No need to bring your own food, really)

After ordering, we settled at the back of the eatery, since most tables in the front were already taken. It was a good thing, though, because we had the place to ourselves. Plus, we had very nice view of the horses resting back there. Hehe.


Since it was a weekend (and a holiday!), the place was full with parked cars and eager visitors. We didn’t mind, anyway, since we were there to enjoy, too. The good thing about Taytay Falls is they have ample rest rooms, changing rooms, and even rooms for rent, for people who want to spend the night. The place also has a souvenir shop and Henna tattoo services for people who want their own memories of the place.

Anyway, our lunch was amaaaaazing! My boyfriend and I opted to eat without utensils to truly feel the outdoor vibe. Their grilled offerings were very tasty and affordable— the chicken costs P60, while the barbecue costs P20 per stick.

IMG_8081IMG_8079(With our driver, Kuya Momay)

After having a hearty lunch, we changed into our swimwear and prepared to conquer the falls.




The falls is a 10-minute walk from the entrance. The walkway is cemented in most parts, so it’s really easy to go down the falls. Plus, there are trees everywhere and the scenery is just lovely. Ah, nature at its finest… and most peaceful. ❤


A few minutes into the walk, we went to the wrong exit (haha) and ended up in an area with big rocks and camping tents.


But we found the right path and, after a few more steps, this magnificent view welcomed us:


I was speechless. Seeing Taytay Falls before my very eyes made me appreciate nature even more. It was just spectacular!


Since it was a weekend and a holiday, there were, of course, lots of people chilling (literally) in the area. Because of that, taking Instagram-worthy photos (i.e. awesome, no photobombers as much as possible) became a pain in the ass. Haha. But we still managed to get our souvenirs:


We swam, dipped our feet (then body; we took things slow haha), and stayed in the ice-cold waters for a good hour (or more, I think). As for me, I loved swimming near the falls and submerging my whole body (yep, head included) in it, even if it’s freezing to death. Once you get used to it, the water won’t feel so cold anymore— it would be refreshing and calming, instead. 😉


When swimming time was over, we stopped by a nice bridge and took some photos before heading back to the parking lot.


After washing up (there’s a shower/changing room and CR near the parking lot), we finally headed home. It was 5:30pm, and we reached the city in three hours (with pasalubong stopovers along the way).



Well, we don’t really have an itinerary for this (haha), but I made one for the sake of this blog post:

0800H – Meet up at CEU Legaspi Village
0830H – ETD CEU
1130H – ETA Taytay Falls / pay entrance fee
1230H – Lunch
1400H – Walk to falls
1410H – ETA falls / swim / photo-ops
1700H – Walk back to parking
1710H – ETA parking / wash up
1730H – ETD Taytay Falls
2030H – ETA CEU Legaspi Village



Van transfer – P380pax (P4000; tip included)
Food – P100pax
Entrance fee – P20pax
Parking fee – P50 (well, my sister shouldered this one)
Total: P500


Till we meet again, Taytay Falls!


Happy blogging (and travelling!)


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