My 2015 in pictures

Alright, before I continue with my Sagada entry, let me just bid bye-bye to the year that was… and say “hello” to the year that will be.

2015 was one hell of a year— mature decisions were made, friendships were evaluated, new people were met, places were visited (and re-visited), more foods were tasted, relationships were strengthened, my own identity was assessed, and most of all, my outlook in life was changed (a bit).

To sum it all up, this is how my year went:


As with my previous years, this one had its own highs and lows. But, even with the not-so-pleasant events in my life, I’m still thankful for the year that was. I don’t know if people close to me would agree, but for me, 2015 was sort of life-changing for me. It opened my eyes to a lot of things, opportunities, and truth.

Watch out, 2016… I will conquer you!

Happy blogging!


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