X is for X Factor: What Joan Had


Have you ever looked at someone so deeply and wonder why you’re so amazed by him/her?


Yeah, that’s how I feel about Joan. All. The. Time.


I know what her awesome qualities are that made me love her very much, but still, there is this certain thing that ALWAYS makes me in awe of her.


Maybe it’s because… Joan. Had. IT.


Yes, I know what “it” stands, especially back in the good ol’ days. Haha. But in this post, that “it” means x-factor. It may be Joan’s ethereal beauty, admirable strength and determination, grand expression of gratitude to her fans, or the fact that she held on to her Hollywood stature for almost 50 years. I don’t really know… I guess no one will ever know.


But I’ll tell you what I know: no one can look at Joan and not be mesmerized every time. That’s the way it is. 😉


Happy blogging (and fangirling!)


(Photos from Joan Crawford Best)

3 thoughts on “X is for X Factor: What Joan Had

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