P is for Poetry: Joan and Words


Did you know that, aside from acting, Joan wrote poetry too? I betcha didn’t.


Here are two poems she sent to Dan Mahony in 1928:

I am condemned for everything I do,
Even for each and every little mood.
Everything’s wrong and nothing is right,
However I guess that’s all in life.–
But there’s one little thought that give’s [sic] me great peace–
In my own mind Im [sic] right at least.

Aaand the other one:

“A Prayer”

 Hail Mary Mother so full of grace
With your lovely Madonna face,
You’ve listened to hundred’s of thousand’s pray:
You in your Heaven so fair and so brave.
You’ve heard the secret prayers of a child
Ever so meek — Ever so mild
The prayers of a mother you’ve heard & understood
Knowing in your heart all mother’s are good
A murderer when all hope is gone
Turn’s to you and thru darkness sees dawn
Even the strongest of all mankind
Beg your forgiveness, & worship your shrine
But Blessed Virgin Mary in your kingdom above
What equal’s the beauty of a maiden in love?
I know for as a child I prayed to you
And as a mother I prayed for comfort too
But this prayer is neither of child or mother
It’s the prayer of a girl who has a lover.


Here’s a poem she made in between marriages to Franchot Tone and Phillip Terry (and during an affair with a man that didn’t go well):

Where are you?
My heart cries out in agony,
In my extended hands
I give my heart with
All its cries — its songs — its love,
But it’s too late.
You are not here to see its sorrow
Or hear its throbbing of your name
Perhaps it’s better that way
You who love laughter —
Did you ever know I love laughter too?
Oh my beloved
Where are you?

Good enough, eh? 🙂


Happy blogging (and fangirling!)


(Photos from Joan Crawford Best and Unemployed Film Snobs)

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