O is for Oscar: Joan and her Academy Award

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I don’t think the public knows what that Oscar means… to us. It is one of the most emotional things that can ever happen to a human being.

– Joan Crawford

Of all the movies Joan made, she only won an Oscar in one picture: Mildred Pierce (1945).


It was a well-deserved Best Actress award (when you see the movie, you’ll believe me), received in an unusual manner: in bed.


Unable to go to the awards ceremony because (according to her) she was sick, Joan listened to the program at home, with her daughter Christina. Besting contenders Ingrid Bergman, Greer Garson, Jennifer Jones and Gene Tierney in the category, Joan proved to the whole world— and to herself— that she is an actress.


(With “Mildred” co-star, Ann Blyth)

In Conversations with Joan Crawford, she shares:

I remember how I felt the night the Awards were presented. Hopeful, scared, apprehensive, so afraid I wouldn’t remember what I wanted to say, terrified at the thought of looking at those people, almost hoping I wouldn’t get it, but wanting it so badly–no wonder I didn’t go. I stayed home and fortified myself, probably a little too much, because when the announcement came, and then the press, and sort of a party, I didn’t make much sense at all, even though I wanted to spill over…


I’ve got to admit I was thumbing my nose at Metro for not supporting me in that department through all the years when they threw their big blocs of votes to Shearer or Garbo…What about Susan and God, A Woman’s Face, and Strange Cargo? I’d given better performances in those pictures than I did in Mildred Pierce. All without recognition…I think the Academy voters honored me as much that night for A Woman’s Face and Strange Cargo and maybe Grand Hotel as they did for Mildred. Or maybe it was for just staying around that long. Hollywood is like that; they compensate for their sins of omission later on, like the special awards they had to vote to Chaplin and Garbo in order not to seem completely ridiculous…


Nevertheless, her performance in Mildred Pierce was outstanding and she really deserved the award.



Happy blogging (and fangirling!)


(Photos from Joan Crawford Best and Pinterest)

5 thoughts on “O is for Oscar: Joan and her Academy Award

  1. It almost seems as if the great actress had stage fright at the thought of the award. Bless her heart! But she was right about Hollywood often overlooking great talent and then trying to compensate for it later on.

    • Actually, you have a point. Joan has stage fright, and quoting Ann Blyth about the awards ceremony, “Maybe she was just afraid.” It did lead to one of Hollywood’s iconic moments in history. Haha. And yeah, sadly it happened to a lot of actors. :/ Thanks for your insight, dear! I love it! 🙂

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