L is for Laughing Joan: When The Queen Is Happy


I bet most of the Joanie pictures you see on the Internet are studio shots or publicity stills for movies. In these photos, her face usually looks serious— glaring eyes, closed mouth… the look of pure sophistication and elegance.

Actress Joan Crawford Laughing

But those aren’t my favorites. What I love the most are pictures which show her laughing, happy face.

Joan Crawford Smiling

I love it when I see pictures of Joan laughing. Yeah, you can’t hear it, but she’s clearly laughing. Haha. When Joan is happy, I’m happy too. ❤


There’s something about her crinkled nose, almost non-existent eyes, and wide smile that makes any gloomy day better.


And I’m not talking about staged happy pictures! I mean the real ones— the genuine, candid, and full-of-life photos.


See what I mean? Here’s more:

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Go ahead, indulge in Joan’s happiness!


Happy blogging (and fangirling!)


(All photos from Joan Crawford Best)

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