I is for Impeccable Style: Fashionista Joan


I think most OH fans will agree that Joan Crawford was one of the most important style icons of the long-gone era. Known not only for her gorgeous face and unbelievable talent, she also set the trend for whatever decade she was in— whether it’s the jazzy 20s or the swinging 60s.


Joan always looked her best, as her pictures clearly suggest. She cared for her appearance as much as she did for any aspect of her life. In her book, My Way of Life, she shared five tips that will surely bring out the fashion-savvy in everyone:

  1. Find your own style and have the courage to stick to it.
  2. Choose your clothes for your way of life.
  3. Make your wardrobe as versatile as an actress. It should be able to play many roles.
  4.  Find your happiest colours – the ones that make you feel good.
  5. Care for your clothes, like the good friends they are!


To prove my point even further, here are some stylish Joanie pics for you to enjoy (note: I didn’t pick staged, studio shots because I want to present what Joan wears aside from designer gowns and dresses):


(Lovely dress and shoes in the 20s)


(That houndstooth coat, though!)


(Freckled and beautiful!)


(Fur always by her side)


(That 30s swag <3)


(Joan was a hat girl— she loved different kinds of headpiece, which will continue until the 70s)

38julypolo1339circa1 39grandcentral13

(Told ya she loved hats!)


(I honestly love this 40s ensemble!)

Joan Crawford Sitting in Sailboat 42miami

(Awesome summer outfits)


(Glamorous number, perfect for the queen)


(Hat and nets… she seemed to like it though haha)

56julylondon13dec1 60scandid262view1465cbr12(Pretty and elegant headpieces and sleeveless dresses for the queen!)


(Everything’s on fleek here— the turban, the dress, the eyeliner… everything!)


(That hat looks kinda heavy…)


(Simple dress + stunning fur = perfect)


(In most of the 70s, Joan kept her hair simple inside caps like this)

Happy blogging (and fangirling!)


(Photos from Joan Crawford Best)

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