Food Quickie: Mang Inasal’s Palabok

Mang Inasal is best known for its delicious chicken served with unlimited rice and toyo-mansi (and chicken oil, just sayin’ haha). But, just recently, I decided to order something different for a change.


I tried their palabok to, well, see if it’s worth coming back for. Prior to ordering, my friends warned me that it’s not that good, but I ordered it anyway.

(Okay, I should elaborate: palabok is a traditional Filipino dish, which consists of clear, thin noodles covered by thick shrimp sauce and topped with slices of egg, green onions, fried garlic, beancurd, bits of pork crackling, prawns, pork, and flaked smoke fish. Not complete without calamansi.)

Anyway… and the verdict is: good enough! 🙂

It’s actually yummy, but to be honest, it’s quite saucy. There’s just too much of the sauce going on in the plate. But I like the fact that Mang Inasal didn’t hold back on the ingredients (I don’t eat shrimp, but I appreciate the number of shrimps in my plate). I guess the only thing I don’t like about this dish is that it can be unappetizing in the end. Just the end. Haha.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a try (at least once)! Don’t take my word for it! 😉

Happy blogging (and eating!)

8 thoughts on “Food Quickie: Mang Inasal’s Palabok

  1. When you go to San Pablo, try to go the market and look for the “turo-turo” Onie’s. They are known for their luglog (palabok). Not sure if you’ll like it especially as it’s saucy also, but do try. Just P20 per serve. You can opt for with or without broth (not in separate bowl if with, but together with the main luglog), but I do prefer without.

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