Robin Williams & Lauren Bacall: Two Stars in Heaven

Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, two great actors who delighted the worldwide audience with their unforgettable movies, have already passed away. The week is just beginning, yet we already lost two screen legends.


(Photos: /

It’s a shame that I’m learning all about Lauren just now. Yesterday, I watched a video of her and read her biography for the first time, and I thought, “Wow! She’s still alive? Tough gal, indeed!” Then I found out she had a massive stroke. Now I’m eager to learn more about her.

Annex - Bacall, Lauren_05

(The Look – head bowed down, eyes fiercely looking up. Photo:


(With on-and-off screen partner Humphrey Bogart)

On the other hand, I’ve known Robin since I was a kid. I enjoyed watching some of his classics, such as Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, and Good Will Hunting. I adored him very much, mainly because he’s such a great actor who showed every emotion needed for the roles he played. So it’s sad to think that the world lost a magnificent actor. What’s sadder is that he didn’t die of natural causes.


(In Good Morning, Vietnam. Photo:



RIP Robin and Lauren, may you find eternal peace and happiness.

Last: I’ve decided not to go all-the-way with this post. I could have included summaries of their biography and filmography, but I didn’t because, well, I’ll just leave the introduction to news websites. 🙂 You can Google them too, if you wish to know more about these dazzling stars.



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