Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats: Insanely Yummy (and Heavy!) Food


Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats, located at 2/F Glorietta 5Office Dr., Ayala Center, Makati. Other branch: 23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig (Contact # (02) 342-6802)


Wow! A blog post about food. Haven’t done a foodie post in a while… geez.

Anyway, just recently, I was able to try something new in a not-so-new place for me: Glorietta 5. Hahaha. (I know, I know. Shame on this Makati girl.)


For dinner, my food buddy Mark suggested Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats (or simply Mad Mark’s) in Glorietta 5 because, well, it’s his namesake. Haha. He initially picked the place because of its name, but we were surprised that it’s actually a good place with very sulit food.


Mad Mark’s actually started out as a quaint, hole-in-the-wall creamery in Kapitolyo, and eventually made its way into the fast-laned city of Makati. They serve the whole package– from appetizers to the desserts, which is their made-from-scratch ice cream, I believe.



Now for the grub we had. My pig-out buddy ordered the Signature Steak with two sidings (bacon potato salad and garden grains) and bootstrap sauce (P265.00), while I had the Yard Bird and Bacon Slab (P290.00). As a starter, we ordered Patatas Bravas (P75.00).

IMG_20140724_191944(Signature Steak with Bootstrap Sauce, Garden Grains and Bacon Potato Salad)

IMG_20140724_192259(Yard Bird and Bacon Slab)

IMG_20140724_191850(Patatas Bravas)

I had every bit of what we ordered and, in fairness, they’re all “Janey Approved!” I absolutely love the steak and the bacon– their chunky goodness just had me begging for more. The chicken’s also good, but honestly, I prefer the bacon and steak. Hehe. The fries (Patatas Bravas) are great, too! I love it when I chance upon long pieces of fries– no fast-food fries can amount to that!

IMG_20140724_192315(Yours truly, amazed by how chunky and heavy the serving is. Lol.)

Mad Mark’s offerings literally filled our tummy to the maximum level. Each meal was so heavy that I had to loosen up my belt! Haha not kidding. Not ideal for dinner (especially if you’re a weight-watcher), but they’re delicious anyway, so why not? Hahaha.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try any of their ice cream products, but at least we’ll have more reasons to come back SOON! We shall, and we will!


For a very satisfying food fest that’s not so hurtful on the pocket, try Mad Mark’s! Just make sure to list your name once you get there, because I think they’re jam-packed most of the time. 😉

Check their website for more information: click!


Happy blogging (and eating!)

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