Poetry Night: Silent Scream

So… I am sharing another poem with you guys. Hahaha. I actually wrote this two years ago, when I still have an “inspiration” for this kind of poetry. Fortunately (lol), I don’t have any reason to write this type of poem anymore… or at least not yet. Hahaha.

“Silent Scream”

far enough to bridge
long enough to keep
painful enough for me
more enough to bear
How long
will you make me think?

How long
will you hold time?
How long
will you shatter my heart?
How long
will you make me wait?

Can’t you hear
my voice screaming?
Can’t you see
my soul drowning?
Can’t you feel
the fire igniting?

of this repeating crap
we will break apart
my love will fade
my love will die
my love for you


Happy blogging (and poetry-writing)!

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