Y is for You


Told you… my second-to-the-last (sniff!) A-Z Challenge entry is also a poem…


You loved, you lost
You left, you returned
You tried, you failed
You cried, you took a break

You loved, you lost
You cared, you were ignored
You tried, you failed
You gave up, you went away

You loved, you lost
You thought right, you were wrong
You tried, you failed
You’ve had enough, you said

You loved, you always will
You forgot, you never did
You moved on, you waved your hand
You said goodbye, you set yourself free

… and another one…


You build me up
You melt me down
You keep me sane
You drive me nuts

You steal my heart
You bring it back
You’re my sunshine
You’re my stormy night

You bring a smile
You make me frown
You take care of me
You just let me be

You are the cause
You are the cure
You turn me to ice
You set me on fire

… and another one…


You talk and talk
So many words untold
You like to say
But never open your mouth

How are you lately
Oh, I know perfectly
How could I not see
You shove it in my face

Put your thoughts to rest
I’m tired of seeing them
Won’t you please
Please just stop typing

Reading, listening
If you want to say something
Please just tell me
Talk only to me

Whoa… I’ve been bitten by the “poem ladybug” lol! I don’t know how and why, but… there you go. 😛

P.S.: I repeat, I’m not that much of a poet. Hahaha.

Happy blogging (and writing creatively lol)!

2 thoughts on “Y is for You

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