W is for What Isn’t Said


Another poem from yours truly! Just for this year’s A-Z Blogging Challenge. 😛  (Yes, I’m being poetic because of this challenge. Lol)

I repeat: I’m not that much of a poet. Hahaha.

“What Isn’t Said”

Arms wrapped
Silence all around
Your lips moving
No words coming out
But your eyes say a lot

Whispers in my ear
Reasons to believe
You look at me
What isn’t said
I don’t need to hear

Impulse movements
You take me by surprise
Sweet things irresistible
Actions towering
Over words forgotten

Unimportant, irrelevant
Such definitions too boxed
Your eyes, your heart
What isn’t said
Doesn’t matter anymore

Happy blogging (and writing creatively lol)!

One thought on “W is for What Isn’t Said

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