T is for Titanic Songs


Who isn’t familiar with the story of RMS Titanic? The “great, unsinkable ship” that, well, sank in the Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912. The cause: huge iceberg. This unfortunate event in history led to one of the most loved and memorable movies of all time, Titanic.

(Titanic official trailer)

But this A-Z Blogging Challenge post isn’t all about the movie nor the historic disaster. This is about the movie’s official soundtrack (OST).


(Photo: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

Titanic is one of my super favorite movies, and its OST is also very dear to my heart. I love how each score affects the whole movie. Its music is one of the reasons I cry every time I watch Titanic. Yes, I still cry until now. Hahaha.


(Photo: myfavouriteworld.files.wordpress.com)

Anyway, here are my favorite Titanic OST (all composed by James Horner):

(The Portrait)

(Nearer My God To Thee)

(Hymn To The Sea)

Hope these songs didn’t make you cry… because they always bring a tear (or two) to my eyes. *sobs*


(Photo: images4.fanpop.com)

Happy blogging (and listening)!

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