S is for Sophie’s Mom


If you’re a frequent visitor (and reader lol) of my blog, you should know by now that I love cupcakes… and that I have a plan to try out every cupcake stores in the metro. So, as part of that plan (and for this day’s A-Z Blogging Challenge entry), I now present to you… Sophie’s Mom!


Surprisingly, this chic cupcake shop is soooo near my place. Haha.


One day, I decided to check this place out. According to my research (lol), their bestseller is red velvet cupcakes. Unfortunately, they were sold out the moment I got there. Fortunately, there were still three flavors available: dulce de leche, brazo de mercedes, and mango.


(From left to right: mango, dulce de leche, and brazo de mercedes)

In summation, all of the cupcakes taste really good. The dulce de leche’s a bit chunky and cold, but it was my favorite. 🙂  Finished all of them. Haha!


I was a bit disappointed because I wasn’t able to try their red velvet, but these three cupcakes made up for the other’s absence. Sophie’s Mom also has other offerings, such as truffles, cookies, mochi ice cream, tarts, brownies, eclairs, and more.



Aside from the food, I also love the place’s interior. Yes, it’s the usual design of every cupcake place I’ve been to, but still cute. 🙂


(Look at those knick-knacks… especially those cupcake liners priced around P60.00! Rad!)

I’ll definitely go back here… hopefully the red velvet cupcakes are already available by then!

Oh, btw, visit their Facebook page for more information!


Happy blogging (and eating)!


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